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A non-profit dedicated to rehabilitation and release of wildlife and education towards peaceful coexistence with our wild neighbors

PAWS Wildlife rescue South Carolina

All Wildlife Matters at PAWS

Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary South Carolina

Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. (PAWS) is a volunteer based non-profit organization focusing on wildlife education, rehabilitation, and release. We hold various permits from the state and federal government that allow us to possess all species of wildlife for rehabilitation purposes, as well as to legally display a number of our non-releasable animals in public wildlife education programs.

We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.


We take in approximately 1000 animals annually of over 30 different species coming from well over half the counties in our state, many of these had no other options in their local areas.

Our mission is to rehabilitate orphaned or injured wildlife releasing them back to the wild, and to provide educational presentations that promote peaceful coexistence with native North American wildlife. Our hope is that our site can serve as an information resource for members of the public everywhere!

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Contact us by email at Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!


Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Where The Broken Come To Heal

Located In Laurens, South Carolina

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A Non-Profit Wildlife Education, Rescue and Rehabilitation Organization

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