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Species-Specific Guide: Opossums

When a Mom Opossum is struck and killed by a car, there are frequently healthy babies hidden inside her pouch. It is a kind and caring person who will stop to check the pouch of a dead opossum, and remove the babies if any are present; if you are that kind and caring person, please protect yourself from diseases and other hazards by wearing gloves and washing your hands! The young opossums frequently need to be put on antibiotics right away.

Once they’ve grown too large to remain in the pouch, baby opossums cling to their mother’s fur. These older babies do sometimes fall off their mother’s back as she walks around; these need to be rescued also, lest they starve.

If you’ve found a young or injured adult possum, please follow the precautions described on our site and don’t hesitate to contact us at 864-715-2171.

Find A Licensed Rehabilator

The best way to find a licensed rehabilitator near you is to Click Here for Wildlife Rescue League or do a Google search using the following search terms "licensed rehabilators in (your city or state here)"


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