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  • Are you a true non-profit organization?
    Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. (PAWS) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization focusing on wildlife education, rescue and rehabilitation. We operate out of South Carolina and carry rehabilitation permits from the state and federal government, as well as USDA and USFWS permits for legal public display of resident animals in wildlife education programs. Our organization is entirely volunteer-based; with no paid staff, 100% of donations go directly toward animal care. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Laurens, South Carolina and serve the following South Carolina counties: Laurens, Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormick and Edgefield
  • How do I contact you?
    You can call us at (864) 715-2171, email us at or click here for out contact form
  • How can I help?
    There are many ways for people to help, both locally and from anywhere. Click Here for our Get Involved page to see how you can get involved
  • How Do I Donate?
    There are several ways to donate. One time donations are incredibly helpful, no matter the amount. But please consider a monthly donation to allow us the stability to plan for our expenses in a less stressful manner. Read more about how to donate on our website page Donate
  • I am a local, how do I volunteer?
    We can always us local volunteers. You can read more about volunteering on our Get Involved page.. Here are the requirements for volunteers. Must be 18 years or older In good general health Have reliable transportation Have an up to date tetanus booster Not immune comprised Notify us of any severe allergic reactions to: insect stings (bees, wasps, hornets, etc), poisonous plants (poison oak, poison ivy, poison sumac,etc.) Sign a release agreement We cannot accept court ordered community service volunteers All volunteers are scheduled. Please no walk-ons
  • I found an animal, what do I do?
    Please read our website page Found An Animal for information on what to do when you find an injured, orphaned or lost wildlife animal.
  • Are you open to the public?
    Due to our focus being the rehabilitation of wildlife, we are not open to the public for tours of our facility
  • Do you take care of domestic pets, like dogs or cats?
    No. We are strictly for local wildlife animals. Please contact a local vet or no kill shelter in your area.
  • Do you have educational programs?
    Yes, we do.. The focus of our wildlife educational program is to teach respect, tolerance, appreciation, and peaceful co-existence with the animals in our environment. Our geographic area covers many counties in North and South Carolina, and we present for diverse age groups and academic institutions. Availability of animals is determined based on distance traveled and audience type. All our educational animals are federally licensed, permanent (non-releasable) residents. In accordance with our licensing, no rehabilitating (releasable) wildlife will ever be taken out in public for programs. Please visit our Educational page for more information

Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Where The Broken Come To Heal

Located In Laurens, South Carolina

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A Non-Profit Wildlife Education, Rescue and Rehabilitation Organization

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