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Educational Programs

Wildlife educaion programs from PAWS Aniimal Wildlife Sancutary

The focus of our wildlife educational program is to teach respect, tolerance, appreciation, and peaceful co-existence with the animals in our environment. We use federally licensed permanent resident wild animals native to the Southeast, including all 4 native owl species, 5 different hawk species, black vultures and ospreys! Our live animals and knowledgeable staff provide an engaging and informative presentation.

Our geographic area covers many counties in North and South Carolina, and we present for diverse age groups and academic institutions. Availability of animals is determined based on distance traveled and audience type.

Program fees go toward the care of our educational animals, other permanent-resident rescues, and our many wild rehabs
Program fees: Contact us at for current pricing.


Travel fees may apply depending on distance from Laurens, SC. Schools or other educational facilities can request creative fee arrangements if school funding is not available.

Please contact us to discuss how we can bring our live educational animals to your group in an interesting and informative on-site program. You can view testimonials from previous clients and audiences here.

Presentations may be available in Laurens County, Greenville, Pickens, Greenwood, Spartanburg, Union, Newberry, Saluda, Edgefield, Abbeville, Anderson, Oconee, Union, Lexington.

We have presented to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, several area colleges and Universities, adult education programs, Kiwanis, wildlife-oriented groups, hunting groups, churches, Vacation Bible schools, science centers, summer camps — essentially anyone with an interest in learning more about wildlife. We have also appeared at the Roper Mountain Science Center, the Charlotte Nature Museum, and Scheile Museum.

All our educational animals are federally licensed, permanent (non-releasable) residents. In accordance with our licensing, no rehabilitating (releasable) wildlife will ever be taken out in public for programs.

PAWS, Inc. is a wildlife rescue facility in South Carolina that uses live animals in educational programs to educate the public about wildlife.  Native wild animals may include: squirrel (both Eastern Gray and Flying Squirrels), opossum, (opossums, possum, possums), raccoon, (raccoons, ‘coons), bird (birds, owl, owls, hawk, hawks, vulture, vultures, ducks, duck, duckling, ducklings), skunk (skunks, spotted, striped), and mink (minks)

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Paws Animal Wildlife Sanctuary, Where The Broken Come To Heal

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