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Species-Specific Guide: Squirrels

In some cases, mother squirrels can carry their babies back up to the nest in the tree. Put the young squirrels in a soft basket and hang it as close as possible to the trunk of the tree. Allow 4-6 hours for the mother to retrieve them; if the squirrels are untouched after this period of time, we recommend you contact a licensed rehabilitator.

If the baby squirrels have visible injuries, are cold, or have been caught by a cat (even if there are no visible injuries!), the baby needs to be rescued and taken in to a rehabilitator. Cat attacks require special attention; cats have very high oral bacteria counts, and even minor cat bites can become infected and abscessed. If you know that a wild animal has been attacked by a cat, please bring it to a licensed rehabilitator. (This is also a VERY good reason to keep housecats inside!)

Find A Licensed Rehabilator

The best way to find a licensed rehabilitator near you is to Click Here for Wildlife Rescue League or do a Google search using the following search terms "licensed rehabilators in (your city or state here)"


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